• The Center for Restorative Youth Justice is a nonprofit who works in partnership with the community to create meaningful accountability processes and restorative community connections as an alternative to the traditional juvenile justice system.

    At CRYJ:
    • Justice resources are focused on those who have been harmed (vs. what law was broken)
    • Conversations with victims and community members allow youth to focus on what steps are needed to repair that harm (vs. inflicting punishment) allowing victims and youth to move forward
    • We believe that youth are valuable assets who represent the future of our community
  • Last weekend CRYJ youth participants and their fearless Youth Connections Leader Darryl made their way up to the Jewel Basin trail system. Huge thanks for the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation, Montana Conservation Corps, and our incredible Leadership Flathead Mentors – Keagan Zoellner and Chip Weber for organizing the project.

    This project is one example of some of the restorative community service projects that CRYJ works to provide to youth participants and our Flathead Community.

    With school back in session, and the sadly inevitable end of a wonderful Montana summer, CRYJ is taking advantage of getting outside as much as possible before the snow flies!

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